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Original Hot Yoga Master Class Workshop
Original Hot Yoga Master Class Workshop
Original Hot Yoga 26+2 Workshop+Master Class
Original Hot Yoga 26+2 Workshop+Master Class
50,00 €

Maksa tässä osallistumisesi Original Hot Yoga 26+2 Workshoppiin, joka järjestetään 26.2.2023. VARAA ENSIN tästä, maksa sen jälkeen.

Workshop: Intro + Master Class

This workshop is a one-hour introduction and breakdown of foundations of Bikram Yoga, followed by a two-hour Master class.

What is Original Hot yoga 26+2? Why do we practice it the way we do? Touching in on the philosophical aspects imperative to Bikram, technique, purpose and benefits, with an aim to harmonize and optimize what we do on the mat. There will be provision for questions and

On masterclass we will apply practical application, progressing through the full sequence in a heated studio exploring set up, execution, corrections, and key tips for alignment, flexibility, stability, balance, depth and ease. The master class will be interactive and a time when students can seek clarification and work on refinement as well as receiving all the benefits of a normal class.

Bring with you:

  • yoga mat (if you want your own, rentalmat is included in price)
  • yoga towel (if you want your own)
  • water
  • open mind
  • notepad, like journal


      Bonnie Lane

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