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Master Class with Delamay Devi
Master Class with Delamay Devi
45,00 €

Tule harjoittelemaan vierailevan ohjaajan Delamay Devin kanssa ainutlaatuisille Prana Vinyasa -tunneille heinäkuussa Yoga Nordicille! Järjestämme kaksi 120 minuutin tuntia Helsingissä ja kaksi Espoon studiolla.


Each Masterclass includes a specific Prana Vinyasa Namaskar to invoke the alchemy of each element. We use mudras for circulating energy, wave sequencing for all levels, a guided meditation for inner connectivity, balancing pranayama for continued vitality and a healing shavasana to complete this alchemical time together.

EARTH: Bhumi sadhana - Cultivating steadiness and stability with a single pointed awareness to rise up from our roots and to be fully present within our physical body. This slow moving full body exhalation provides a inner landscape for your hamstrings to lengthen , your hips to open and your mind to find clarity within the pulse of life. Espoo 16.7. klo 17.30-19.30

WATER: Jala sadhana - Meandering, moving and flowing with the yielding spontaneous qualities of water as it circulates through the joints and nourishes the fluid body.This continuous dance of breath and movement strengthens and frees  your entire body with an enduring consistence of spirals, twists  and turns as we attune to our inner rhythm. Kamppi 18.7. klo 17.00-19.00

FIRE: Agni sadhana - Igniting, empowering and awakening your inner power, a sustainable fortifying force that requires tending and stoking  for continued health and longevity. This sacred activation awakens your core and harnesses strength and present throughout your entire being. The divine play of flickering flames leave you feeling invigorated and alive. Kamppi 20.7. klo 13.00-15.00

AIR: Vayu sadhana - Spiralling, reaching, expanding and lengthening to open up to the infinite possibilities within our physical, spiritual, mental and emotional bodies. This expansive, side waist opening and deep back bending practice magnifies the heart from the inside , liberating the spine and awakening the instinctual body to arc in total freedom. Espoo 21.7. klo 16.30-18.30 

About the teacher: Delamay Devi is Prana Vinyasa affilite yoga teacher trainer, mentor, writer and e creatrix of Devi Designs. She is well known internationally for her embodied offerings that are fuelled with inspiration and infectious enthusiasm. Delamay is honored to assist Shiva Rea for the thirteen years and is passionate about sharing movement as medicine and yoga philosophy in sync with the natural cycles of existence.

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